Always For You Dongwon Home Food is always there for you with its delicious products. Begin your day with our fresh food.

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Food ServiceㆍFranchise

Always Happy - Food ServiceㆍFranchise : Our meals will make you happy every day.

Food Franchise - Create a heartwarming and healthy dining-out culture Shape the restaurant business with our customers New Menu Items -  Develop customized dishes, and host food shows Develop low-sodium meals and premium health food Customer Priority - Provide customer-oriented services Ensure strict hygiene management,with each store meeting HACCP requirements Fun & Happy - Provide rest areas for customers to relax and enjoy themselves Training Professional - Educate our employees systematically Provide regular cooking sessions and develop experts for testing each dish Q&A Close
Food Distribution

Always Frash - Food Distribution : We deliver fresh ingredients as quickly as possible.

Quick response - Offers a convenient online ordering system that provides quick response to customer requests Diverse Product Line - Supplies customers with a wide range of product, including prepared foods in eco-friendly package. Door-to-door Delivery  - Utilizes Dongwon’s nation-wide Logistics network and systematic delivery system Customer Safety - Ensures strict hygiene control Customer Satisfaction - Guarantees customer satisfaction with years of experience and professional know-how Q&A Close
Samjo Celltech

Always Delicious - Samjo Celltech : We provide you with customized products

Reliable Quality - Earned ISO 9001 certification as well as 7 HACCP certifications Rich and Impressive Flavors - Welcoming customers into our family Serving delicious food takes care and effort, two things Dongwon puts into all of our products. Customized Item - Provides customers with products that match their tastes based on years of experience Taste Designer - Assists companies with designing flavor profiles and developing new products. Q&A Close
Kumchon Meat

Always Honest - Kumchon Meat : We always provide reliable products to customers.

The Leader - The leader in comprehensive livestock product distribution Online Shop - The Online store in the industry dedicated to subprimal cuts Business Solution Next-day Delivery - Proprietary logistics syste Various Products  - Providing most of the livestock products, from primal meats to subprimal cuts and processed products Transparent Distribution - Price and images of livestock products disclosed online to the public Q&A Close
Food ServiceㆍFranchise

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